Welcome to the launch of the new Nicole Express, codename “Sunflower”. The old Nicole Express served its role as a showcase for my games, which basically made it pretty much redundant when Xkeeper recommended I open a page on itch.io. So instead of all that, we’re now a blog!

A blog you say?

That’s right! Powered by jekyll!

What are you going to blog about?

Anything I find interesting! Things I’ve learned during my game development projects, random nonsense about video games, etc. Not exactly pure personal stuff, of course– social media exists for a reason, and I think that’s probably it? Either that or advertising.

What about all the stuff that used to be on this site?

It’s not here anymore! If you really miss something from the old Nicole Express, let me know… everything in the other folder is still around, just not linked.

So how long until you abandon this completely?

I give it a week.