• Space Ava 201 Digital Release!

    So, the adventure started in July has come to an end. How did the project go? Where can I get the game? Do I need a SuperGrafx CD with dual Arcade Cards to play it? Will this give me a totally accurate understanding of quantum field theory? All your questions and more will be answered! Plus, stay tuned for a follow-up on coding for the PC Engine!

  • The Console That Wasn't: The SuperGrafx CD-- Let's make it real!

    Hey kids! You’ve probably heard from those goons at Feka Corporation that the Sega CD 32X is the first overly complicated combination of consoles and CD add-ons in the entire console generation. But I’m bringing out the TRUTH about overly complicated consoles and CD add-ons! ADMIT IT! NEC did it first, and theirs was even more nonsensical and provided even less benefit to the end user!

  • Cassette-based multimedia! Can you learn a foreign language using BASIC?

    Welcome back to my Atari 8-bit computers! Okay so first off it’s been over two years and I still haven’t fixed the floppy drive. But I have different magnetic media to talk about today! And we’re going to use this 8-bit computer for something other than games! Look forward to it!

  • Why did we need an Arcade Card?

    I’ve focused on NEC’s failed attempts to build on the PC Engine before on this blog: the two PC Engines taped together that is the SuperGrafx, and the combo nobody wanted with the LaserActive. So let’s give them a break and talk about a simpler add-on, and one that actually had some success: the Arcade Card! Who, Why, What, Where, and How! Well, not Who. I don’t know much about the people who created it.

  • What on Earth is a SuperGrafx?!

    The TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine has been the focus on this blog lately, and that’s totally fine by me. We looked at the LaserActive PAC-N1, a bizarre hybrid between the 8-bit console that could and a LaserDisc player. It had just 11 games! But what if there was another PC Engine spinoff… an earlier one, that had even fewer games… is it possible?

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