• Using PAL video output in America

    Though you might not know it from my blog, I’m told by very reliable sources that there are countries outside of North America and Japan! In some of these countries, they encode their analog video in a different way, at a different frame rate. But what if you want to bring 8-bit computers across the video encoding border? I’ll talk about my experiences and give some techniques I’ve used!

  • High Speed Coding for the Neo Geo!

    It was inevitable, wasn’t it, that I spend so much time digging into technical details of Neo Geo games, that I’d want to make one of my own. But I’m pretty busy and am starting a new job soon, so let’s make this go as fast as possible. I imposed myself a challenge for the new year: can I make a Neo Geo game in one week?

  • More Neo Geo CD games!

    Here in my home country, the United States, the postal service often has problems with the huge volumes of mail and packages at the end of the year holiday season; this year, things are even worse than usual thanks to, well, everything that has made 2020… unique. So a few titles I wanted to cover in the first Neo Geo CDZ article just didn’t arrive in time. Initially I was just going to not cover them in an article, but hey, let’s pad out the article count for a year/start off with an easy one! (Editor’s note: choose which ever fits when you publish this)

  • Will it ever stop loading?! The Neo Geo CDZ!

    Growing up in the late 90’s, there was one name that would instantly bring an “oh yeah, that’s cool, I think I’ve seen one of those around, not as cool as Mortal Kombat though” to kids’ voices: Neo Geo. But could you have that sort of arcade action in your home? If you had more money than God, perhaps! But what if you only had more money than the prophets, and the patience of a saint? Well, has SNK got a console for you!

  • What did we do to deserve the PC-FX? (and the PC-FX GA)

    I’ve enjoyed digging into the curiosities surrounding NEC and Hudson Soft’s PC Engine consoles, from the LaserActive to the SuperGrafx to the Arcade Card to the forbidden combination. But this is where it ends: the successor to the PC Engine. The last console from NEC. The beautiful, infamous PC-FX. Oh, and the PC-FX GA! What’s with that?

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