• The Sega Master System: Third Mark's the Charm

    Oops, I did it again; a section that was supposed to be a smaller part of an upcoming blog post came into being as its own giant post. Here, we’re talking about Sega’s first home console to achieve American release, and where I’m planning to make a new project on: the Master System. Or the Mark III. Or the Sega System, with its mastery depending on bundle. Or…

  • Alf 2: Collision Detection is Hard, Blog Posts are Harder

    Remember Alf? He’s back, much sooner than I expected. In fact, I wasn’t expecting to cover this topic again. But the post on Alf has proven to be one of the most successful in the history of this blog, and it wasn’t very clear about my conclusions, and I could’ve done better, so let’s pick this up and beat this topic into the dust.

  • Holding out for My Hero: The Sega System 1

    I promised you a deeper dive into the Sega System 1 arcade system in the Pitfall II article. And now we get it– let’s never say I don’t keep a non-zero fraction of my promises. We’ll also take a look at another System 1 game, My Hero, and look at how the game was ported to the Mark III/Sega Master System.

  • Collision Detection is Hard: The Story of Alf

    Today we’re talking about ALF. It’s a surprising move for Nicole Express; we do not condone cat-eating. But neither did Alf, eventually. In any case, we’re not here to talk about the television show (which I’ve never seen) or the pogs; we’re here to talk about ALF for the Sega Master System. By request!

  • Adaptation and Re-adaptation: The story of Pitfall II

    The video game console originated as a way to bring arcade experiences (specifically, Pong) into the home. But the home game took on a life of its own; playing a game in your house that you can play indefinitely is very different than a game that needs to constantly shuffle through new players to get the quarters of each. One early game that understood that difference was 1984’s Pitfall II. Let’s put on our amateur video game analyst hats and take a look into gaming history.

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