• Review! The Toyshock Haunted House Digital Pinball!

    Pinball machines are wonderful and a ton of fun, but they’re also huge, electromechanical beasts that require constant maintenance. Virtual pinball– playing pinball video games on a monitor propped at an angle– seems to offer some benefits, even if it’s not the same, but those are also big and not cheap, either. So as an apartment dweller, seeing a company launch a virtual pinball table for under $500 surprised me. Let’s see how it goes!

  • A Strange Bootleg for the Super Famicom

    It’s a very tragic story! Many years ago, you see, a copy of Super Bomberman drowned in this spring. Now whatever game falls into this well, when doused with cold water, becomes Super Bomberman! What, you don’t believe me? Check this out!

  • Review! The Arcade1up Street Fighter Table

    Retro-nostalgia is in full force in the market these days; no more is being into old games the domain of just a few people on a message board. And where there’s a market, there’s capitalism trying to fill it. Unlike our last review of the RetroUSB AVS, this is a mass-market product– a nearly-full size cocktail arcade table. How does it stand up to the discerning retrogamer’s eye? Or, if we can’t find one of those, Nicole’s eye?

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