• Designing an Adventure Game API

    Recently, I started work on a client-server adventure game API, written in node.js on the server side and Vuejs on the client side. And more recently, my interest in the project waned. Here, I’m going to discuss some of what I learned, and what my conclusions are.

  • Nicole Buys Stuff: The Apple ][ plus!

    For some reason, I felt like I should explain a little bit about what the Atari 8-bits were, but I don’t feel like I need to explain this machine. The Apple II series (calling it the ‘Apple 2’ just seems wrong), though feels like it needs no introduction. This particular machine is an Apple ][ plus, the 1979 update. This makes it about as old as the original Atari 8-bit; while the 130XE was a product of the latter half of the 80’s, this thing is a true throwback.

  • Nicole Buys Stuff: The Atari 130XE!

    In 1977, Atari released the 2600. (Well, okay, they released the Video Computer System, catalog number 2600) So that makes it make a little more sense that when they released the successors, which unlike the 2600 were designed to be useful as computers too, they gave them the numbers 400 and 800. And then they summed those together to get the successor, 1200XL, with the XL to denote it was smaller than the previous, heavy systems. And then… okay, Atari’s 8-bit branding doesn’t make much sense. But they’re cool machines. And I have one now!

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